Lenovo Tablet 2 – Productivity At Your Fingertips

Lenovo Tablet 2

Sizing in at 9.8mm high and weighing under 600 grams, the Lenovo Tablet 2 is the perfect tool for enterprise, education and government. With full Windows 8 pro and enterprise functionality and an Intel Atom dual-core processor, you can guarantee that the Tablet 2 will be the perfect office companion with its full laptop capabilities in a tablet form.

Enhanced Productivity

Powered by a dual-core processor and loaded with pre-installed apps, the Lenovo Tablet 2 was designed for productivity, boasting a 10.1” multi-touch screen, mouse and a docking keyboard, making it an ideal tablet PC that lets you choose how you work. Pre-installed with Lenovo Mobile Access, Companion, Cloud and Support, you can guarantee that you will have access to all the tools you need to optimise your work and save time. For those apps not already at your fingertips, up to 64GB of storage space is available to store them.

Mobility & Connectivity

With its sturdy build and lightweight design of under 10mm thick, the Tablet 2 is the perfect candidate for portability, backed with Lenovo Cloud which allows you to take your files with you wherever you go. With an integrated digitizer pen capable of 1024 different levels of pressure sensitivity and an all-day battery life of over 10 hours, you can take your work with you wherever you go without worrying about carrying extra accessories for charging and optimised usage.

The need for cables and wires is cut down even further with the Tablet 2’s NFC, 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as the Lenovo Mobile Access tool which is a no contract WWAN service offering pay-as-you-go connectivity. Take your office with you wherever you go. Stay connected.

Effective Manageability And Security

Security is no issue with the Lenovo Tablet 2, with it’s built in security features such as anti-theft, anti-virus software and Full-Drive Encryption. With Windows 8 pro and enterprise available, you can add even more security options to your Tablet including device encryption. Addition Windows 8 features such as Domain Join and in-house Windows app deploy means that your Tablet 2 can be effectively managed, making it the perfect business tablet PC to own.

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