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Lenovo Ideapad Y Series jpgThe Lenovo IdeaPad Y series provides extremely high performance multimedia with portable gaming and exciting new features which makes it ideal for work, play and relaxation. Using up to a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, backed by 3D compatibility, dual graphics compatibility and up to a 16” HD screen, you can guarantee that this portable entertainment system will fill you with pride, quality and power.

Although not ideal as an affordable multimedia notebook, the Y series is the perfect gaming and multimedia notebook, using NVIDIA graphics, top spec processors and a combination of OneKey Theater, JBL speakers, Dolby Home Theater v4, DirectX 11 and a subwoofer to give you outstanding graphics and incomparable audio. The Y series was made to give you the best visual and auditory notebook experience so that your gaming and multimedia needs can travel with you on the go and not just be restricted to your home. Still not impressed? Why not team your IdeaPad Y Series up with Sonos Wireless Speakers for the best home cinema experience available.

With touch screen options on some models, your notebook can be more than just a general notebook, but instead be a device you can use to suit you, such as the IdeaPad Yoga which has a 360% rotation to allow for multi-modes and touch screen usage to meet your needs. With up to a 13 hour battery life depending on the model, the Y series really is built for all day work and play usage. This isn’t all the Y series has. In fact, we’re not even halfway there. To add additional comfort to the extended battery life and multiple usage options available on some models, a metal cool touch cover and palm rest is as standard on most of the models, as well as a backlit AccuType keyboard to allow for comfort in typing and the ability use the keyboard regardless of the lighting conditions you are in.

To add to all the well anticipated features, an intelligent touchpad, an inter-chargeable UltraBay, Turbo Boost Tech, Motion Control and Lenovo Transition all add to the ease of use, fun and simplicity that makes the Y series into what it is – The perfect notebook for you.

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