Lenovo: From Selling PC’s To Developing Smart Gadgets

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With the release of Google Glass earlier this year, competition has started to develop their own take on the device, as well as creating even more wearable devices in order to take a delve into a gadget market that is yet untouched. After being declared the World’s Biggest Seller of PC’s in 2013, Lenovo are now following the route of the unknown and getting stuck in to the smart device market.

One of the main problems with Google Glass is the short battery life which prevents on the go use as desired, although Lenovo has began to develop a new competing device which focuses on extending glass-wear battery life by adding a separate power device that can be worn around the wearer’s neck. The device is currently unnamed, however Lenovo aren’t wanting to do this alone.

Smart LED lightbulbsAn issue with lack of compatibility across devices caused by a range of different systems and standards means that devices are unable to talk to each other to function in sync to create “The Internet of things” – a term used to describe chains of smart devices that connect to the internet. Lenovo believes that the way forward with “The Internet of things” is for companies to work together to develop a group of functioning and compatible devices where funds can be built up to target a great new market than compete amongst each other with short funds and terrible devices.

Lenovo believe that “The Internet of things” paves the way for connected homes, allowing for all home appliances to be controlled by mobile apps where the device reacts smartly to it’s surroundings. To contribute to this, Lenovo are in the process of developing an app controlled air purifier called Vuzix which is right in line with a recent purchase made by Google who now own a company producing an app controlled thermostat device.

iOS 8It’s not just Google and Lenovo producing these home orientated devices. Apple have been making a big cut into this market following announcements at a recent conference over new additions to Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8. In this conference, a new system for iOS called HealthKit was introduced, providing developers with the ability to create apps and programmes that allow for users to control household devices.

For all of these companies, we are only at the start of the ladder with home tech devices and wearables, although we will get there one day. I wonder what the next step in tech will be, I know we’re still waiting for flying cars and robots… What do you think?

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