Leave A Tip For Your Favourite Emerging YouTube Videos

youtubeYouTube are to release many new features to their well-loved video streaming site, such as an increase in upload quality of videos to 60 frames per second (fps). The most simple yet intriguing of these features is the Tip Jar, allowing viewers to donate a tip to the video uploader.

The new feature will allow for viewers to donate between $1 and $500 dollars to content creators for videos they enjoy the most and want to see more of. The new feature is very simple, however will be perfect for the likes of upcoming video producers and emerging artists who seek money in order to fund new projects or raise money for a cause. Features like these could result in us seeing more talent posted across YouTube in hope for a little bit of money being spared their way.

A third feature to be release by YouTube is to improve the ability to translate all videos on its site, providing subtitles in every language to be available on all uploaded videos. This will be a feature that grows over time bearing in mind the vast quantity of videos uploaded each day, never mind altogether. However over time we should see improvements to our YouTube experience, becoming more of a marketing post for emerging artists and an information hub for those who seek details from across the world.

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