Layout: The New Instagram App For Editing Images

Layout by Instagram

There are many different editing tools available on Instagram however for many users, there are still many features that are missing for editing their photos and one of these is making collages from their photos. Previously, users would have to resort to third party apps such as Pic Stitch and PhotoCollage. This problem is now being combatted following the release of a separate Instagram app named Layout.

With the new Layout app released on iOS and soon to be Android, Instagram are hoping that users migrate onto their app from their existing alternatives, with seamless Instagram integration making it unique and somewhat more desirable.

The Layout app will give users the “flexibility to stretch their creativity” by giving them a number of new tools, letting users build collages, add mirror effects and give more detailed editing than that built into the Instagram app. Since it is Instagram integrated, it means that everything can be done in one app, with images exporting straight over to your Instagram account and removing the need for multiple apps.

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