Laptop Battery Care: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Battery

downloadIt’s always frustrating when our devices lose charge and we’re left with the task of hunting for a slot to charge them, however it’s even more of an issue when the battery is so rubbish, it’s impossible to physically use the device for any period of time without it needing to constantly be plugged in. There are many different techniques to get the most out of your battery, some good, bad and ugly too, however here are 5 tips that help you to care for your battery The Right Way!

#1: Power Settings

Power Saving: Most laptops and portable devices have built in power saving settings that help to extend the life of your battery. These tools include the lowering of screen brightness, turning off un-needed features such as Wi-Fi and reducing the time of inactivity before the auto-sleep/lock mode kicks in.

Battery Management: Many devices have built in battery management tools that take over your computer and provide you with daily hints and tips on how to revive an old battery and maintain the life of a new one. For those of you without these built in functions, DON’T FRET! There are many applications you can download such as the Battery Care app for Windows operating systems.

Genuine Charger: In regards to power, using a genuine charger for your laptop or portable is crucial, as they are specially designed to work in harmony with that specific battery, unlike third party copies which place absolutely no concern towards safety and to the health of your battery, focusing purely on profit and sales. For those with removable batteries, the quality life of your battery may not concern you most severely, although for those with built in batteries, saying goodbye to your beloved battery either means goodbye portable or hello expense.

#2: Storage

If you know you won’t be using your laptop or portable for a while, it is important to not leave it with a full or low charge. Between 40-50% battery charge is recommended for leaving a device unused for weeks or even months. A full charge or low charge may damage the battery, resulting in false readings and the inability to charge fully.

Temperature and location should always be considered when storing your device, as dusty places block up fans and need additional cleaning whereas different temperatures affect batteries in different ways.

#3: Temperature

Room Temperature: As just mentioned, temperature does have a great effect upon your battery, as temperatures that are too high or low will drain and lower the capacity of your battery where as a constant room temperature will keep your battery running smoothly. The more comfortable you find the temperature of a room, the more comfortably your battery will be running.

Usage Surface: Using your laptop on a restricting, stuffy surface such as a bed blocks the vents of the laptop and overheats the battery, resulting in the battery being damaged and power being drained. For information on the best surfaces to use your device on, you should read the storage and usage guidelines detailed by the manufacturer.

#4: Cleaning

For devices with removable batteries, cleaning the metal contacts every few months with a dry cloth and alcohol solution can help to remove the dull from the connectors, removing the surface which would eventually prevent an efficient energy transfer flow. Assuring minimal fluff and dust is in the fans and case also removes the chances of overheating, contributing the battery damage and power drainage.

#5: Sensible Charging

A device should always have a constant flow of electrons therefore by constantly leaving it on charge, electron flow drops due to no more power being capable of moving through, bringing it to a stop and resulting in your battery draining quickly once removed from charge. Devices should have their batteries drained to between 40-60% at least once a week before recharge and be fully discharged and recharged at least twice a year.

If you have any more battery saving hints and tips to add, leave a message in the comments bellow!

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