Kizon: Child Tracking Device

PlaygroundParents are always torn between the comfort of knowing their child is safe without seeming like an overly clingy parent, therefore LG have developed a device that allows for a parent to track their child’s location which also works as a mini phone for when the child wants to contact their parents or the parent wants their child home for tea.

A device resembling a watch to be worn on a child’s wrist has been developed, allowing parents to track where their kids are and listen to what they are up to. The device runs off GPS and Wi-Fi using 2G and 3G networks, sending the location and streamed audio to a designated android app. The device is aimed at families with pre-school and primary children, although may be rather off-putting due to the inconveniently bulky size.

The wearer can call a pre-configured number by pressing a singular button on the front of the device, as well as being able to accept inbound phone calls from approved numbers at the touch of a button. Failure to press the button within 10 seconds results in the microphone automatically clicking on, allowing for the caller to hear what the child is doing.

Many concerns have been raised regarding parents who may rely solely on this device, emphasizing importance upon teaching children about stranger danger and questioning whether it is morally correct for a child to be traced as part of their daily lives. The device could lead children and parents into a false sense of security, where children are unable to develop their own coping strategies due to constantly being monitored and watched by their parents.

Additional security concerns have also been voiced, especially focused towards fears of being hacked. Many interested firms have requested for further details of the product to be released, such as the methods that will be used to guarantee the security of a child’s location and contact details.

There are many issues with this product and it could certainly do with a re-design to make it more discreet and less obtrusive, although at least it has a 36hour usage time between charges. In truth, the Kizon could be used as a clingy parent’s best friend or a laid back one that doesn’t see necessity in buying a toddler a phone. Regardless of how you see it, this is truly a bizarre device by LG and is expected to reach Europe in September.

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