IT Security – Are You More Wary Of The Phrase Than The Processes? 1

A barbed wire security fenceIn many ways, IT security has always been an important talking point for organisations.  Ever since computers started to be used in the workplace – and particularly when large-scale networks and internet usage became commonplace – organisations have had to have an eye on IT security.

In recent times, however, it has become a major talking point.  A lot of this has to do with the fact we’re storing more and more information in the Cloud and therefore it’s become vastly important that we can feel completely confident that our data is safe and secure.

As an experienced company offering a range of IT support Durham services, we’ve talked about IT security to many of our customers, each to varying degrees.

What we generally experience, however, is a look of concern on the customers’ faces or an unwillingness to talk about it in-depth.  This is something we strongly believe is attributed not to the fact they’re afraid of IT security itself, but that those two words conjure up so many concerns – because of the stories that have been read, due to the increased coverage the topic is receiving as a whole – that the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ process is followed.

But as you’ll no doubt expect us to say, this is anything but the right approach to take.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot in IT.  Whenever something’s talked about regularly – and on a basis that it can be particularly technical and / or cause concern – it can leave some developing headaches whenever its mentioned, purely because they’ve come to associate the topic with something negative (such as a belief that considerable investment of some type is needed).

As this is the case, it can so easily lead people – knowing that they need to make some movement forward – opt for the cheapest, quickest or simplest solution.

The problem is, whilst you may be able to ‘get away’ with doing this in some parts of business, when it comes to IT security,  you need to feel fully confident that your entire network and all data stored within it is completely and utterly secure.

Fail to do this and you could so easily have a network full of holes, making what is supposed to be private and confidential data accessible by all.

The good news is that at Comtek, we’ve helped many organisations over the years tackle the situation ahead on, knowing that although it can be particularly complicated and daunting at first, a little hand-holding is usually all that’s needed.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs, requirements and expectations – including what your budget is – and devise a solution that’s going to give you the best IT security possible.

Having offered IT support North East for many years now, we’re fully aware that certain parts of IT can be particularly confusing and leave many wanting to not get involved, no matter how much of a necessity it is.

But with the support and guidance we offer, we’re confident that whether you’re looking at IT security or anything else, we’ll be able to help you get the right products or solutions for your specific needs.

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