Is BT Going To Bring Us A Gigabit Of Internet?

BT BroadbandBT have successfully tested a new method of bringing us internet by adding copper to the existing network, reaching alleged speeds of 800Mbps of download and 200Mbps of upload. It is believed that this could be used as an alternative to provide fibre speeds without needing to rewire homes.

The tests involved rolling wires out to telegraph poles and junction boxes, connecting them to 100 homes across each area. The distance covered by copper wire varied from 19 to 66 metres of line, however it was noted that the speeds achieved dropped to 700Mbps at 66 metres, suggesting that individuals who live further away from BT lines and junctions will not be able to achieve speeds as high as desired.

BT have been very enthusiastic about the increased internet speeds, suggesting over 80% of users should be able to achieve an internet connection. This method would be the faster, cheaper way to bring his speed internet connections to homes however it is yet to be investigated further before any suggestion of mainstream use is made.

Could this be the way forward with high speed internet or is this going to be a recipe for disaster? Only BT can decide.

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