Introducing Microsoft Sway

SwayMicrosoft Sway is the entirely new way to express your ideas all in one place across multiple devices. Share your ideas with family, friends, teachers and co-workers across your own personal web-based canvas. Sway is currently only available if you request an invite, although users are being warned that they could be waiting quite a while before they are added onto the platform.

On the official website for Sway there are six canvasses that can be previewed, showing multiple different layout options including PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and Photo Viewer style pages. Although we don’t know too much about Sway just yet, here are a few things that have been revealed so far.


There’s no hassle when it comes to design with Sway, using a built in design engine to remove formatting issues, allowing for a sleek interactive interface which integrates with any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC. Microsoft Sway guarantees an interface that is unique and individual just for you.


Don’t waste time filtering between multiple screens. With Sway, all your content is pulled together in one place, removing the need for multiple pages. Integrating with OneDrive, this feature uses a drag and drop mechanism which places it straight onto the canvas.


To make sharing data even easier, Sway integrates with your social networks to allow instant sharing, as well as bringing ease with the ability to share your ideas by just a web link, removing the need for making storage space to store shared files.

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