Intel Purchases PasswordBox

IntelThis past week, it has been reported that Intel has purchased password management software PasswordBox. Never heard of it? Intel is aiming to extend its reach to even more customers with the aim of enhancing security of user apps and accounts.

What is PasswordBox?

PasswordBox is a cross-platform tool which sets up complex passwords for a user’s apps and website accounts by generating a password then auto-filling it on the connected mobile and desktop device.

What can PasswordBox do for me?

PasswordBox can help enhance the security of all your apps and accounts by creating a complex password which increases the security of the account due to it being more difficult to guess. This also helps to make authentication processes simpler due to the instant-fill ability.

Where does PasswordBox come into Intel?

Intel Security Group’s Safe Identity organisation focusses on simplifying and strengthening user security when accessing online accounts, therefore PasswordBox seems to be a suitable candidate to expand on this. It hasn’t been declared exactly what role PasswordBox will take at Intel, however an Intel spokesperson has claimed they “have technology, expertise and reach to bring simple, secure access to consumers worldwide.”

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