ICT Curricula Development in Schools 2

Results show that interest in ICT courses at schools and colleges have decreased by one third in the past year and by 57% in the last 8 years however educational boards were unable to understand why interest had decreased so rapidly when children and teens are so absorbed in gadgets.

Multiple organisations have worked together in synergy to discover that it was in fact the GCSE and A-Level syllabus that was causing a lack of interest due to being boring and uninspiring.

Organisations feared that lack of interest in IT courses could lead to technological consumption rather than engineering and that those seeking jobs in the future would be unskilled and unsuited to the future job market, leading to increased unemployment levels.

The education technology board requested for universities and businesses to devise new courses and exams for schools, particularly the GCSE curriculum, therefore in September 2014 the ICT syllabus will be changed to introduce computer science and programming in order to ‘properly equip pupils for the 21st century’. These new courses will focus on animation, programming and design opposed to the traditional use of Microsoft packages and data input, for example to creation of smartphone apps and computer coding.

Despite this improvement to the IT curricula, it is feared that many current teachers will not have the knowledge or skills to provide the new syllabus therefore a teaching shortage is expected to arise. It is yet undecided how this issue will be resolved however time will only tell when the new procedures come into action in September.

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