Hyundai Develop A Car That Slows Down At Speed Cameras

Speed CameraMany people risk a fine and points on their license each day by speeding, whether it be on their daily commute, a day out somewhere nice or on their way for their weekly food shopping. For those who have a tendency to exceed the speed limit from time to time, Hundai have developed a new feature which forces a speeding car to drop their speed upon sight of a speed camera.

It’s hard to believe that so many people take those risks for the sake of a bit more speed or getting to and from their destination faster, especially since similar add-ons have been used on vehicles and gadgets in the past, making a warning beeping noise when the vehicle exceeds the limit and upon the encounter of a speed camera.

Tech for cars has always been increasingly popular however is now at a new level altogether, especially taking into account the recent developments of driverless cars. In the past, the closest thing to slowing a speeding car down was an automated emergency braking system which activated upon getting too close to a car during cruise control, however this new development takes tech to an even higher level.

The development by Hyundai may be advantageous for those in the UK, Japan and Australia where speed cameras must be declared and made available for online maps, however in places such as the US, disclosure of speed cameras is not a federal regulation therefore may only be of any help to a select number of states, deeming it a virtually useless and expensive addition. There is currently no release date yet for Hyundai’s new vehicle features.

There are 2 other ways to prevent people from getting speeding fines which seems a much more logical choice:

1)      Don’t speed
2)      Develop a tech that prevents individuals from exceeding the speed limit indefinitely rather than producing tech that allows them to get away with driving irresponsibly.

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