Hyperlapse: Instagram Time Lapse App

HyperlapsePhoto and video sharing service Instagram has today released a new independent app called Hyperlapse in order to add to the content that users can post to their Instagram feeds. Hyperlapse allows users to record high quality videos in order to produce a time lapse, displaying a single tap start and stop button in order to begin and end recording.

Hyperlapse allows users to create perfect time lapse videos in seconds whereas in past, only professionals with the correct equipment were able to achieve the same outcome. With a playback speed up to 12times faster than the original, you can expect fascinating results from this free independent app. A green tick allows for the video to be saved to the camera roll and from there can be shared to the user’s Instagram whilst still being able to apply filters.

Hyperlapse is currently only available on Apple’s iOS however an Android version is expected to arrive soon. After experimenting with the app, it appears to be very basic and easy to use however remains to have room for improvement as most newly released apps do. The image stabilisation appears to reduce video shaking effectively however I’ve not yet experimented with the app in any form of extreme condition as of yet.

Overall, the app appears to be good fun, providing great potential to aid budding videographers in producing homemade time lapse videos.

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