Using Hot Desking

Hot Desking allows users to log into any Polycom VVX handset that is licensed for hot desking.

  • Once the phone has been switched on, it will display the option to log on until a user has logged into the phone.
  • To log in, enter your user ID and password. Your default Hot Desking password will be found in your Synergy welcome email

Can I change my Hot Desking password?

Your Hot Desking password can be changed via the settings tab in your End User Portal.

Can I log into any phone?

Users can only log into Polycom VVX handsets that have a Hot Desking License.

Can I log into another device if I forgot to log out of another handset?

Yes, you can log into up to 5 different devices at one time, registrations also include being logged into the softphone/mobile/web applications

Can a Hot Desking phone be used to dial 999/112 without having to log in?

Yes, this is one of the reasons for having to enable the Hot Desking Licence to the handset. It ensures it has the functionality to make a phone call without a user being logged in. We would generally set the outbound Presentation Number of this licence to be the main site telephone number so that the emergency services have the office address.

Will Hunt Group routing still remain when I log into a Hot Desking handset?

Yes, all the routing configurations associated with your account will remain the same.

Personal Contacts and Hot Desking

Yes, your personal contacts will move to the phone. All your personal account details and settings are available across all devices.