Setting up your new Comtek IP handset

Comtek provides pre-configured handsets for instant connection to Synergy.  Your internal system administrator will advise if your handset is preconfigured or if it needs any local configuration prior to installation. He/she will also advise what network connection point you should use or if you are to connect directly into the local broadband router or a data switch.

If you have purchased a pre-configured Synergy handset, all you need to do is plug this straight into your network point or broadband router as advised.  As soon as the handset has powered on and downloaded its configuration files you will be able to begin making and receiving calls.

Connecting your handset to the network

If you have been advised that your IP Phone and PC will work off a single Ethernet network connection then connect the network cables. The cable from the network point, router or switch will connect to the LAN socket on the IP Phone. You will need a similar cable to connect from the PC socket on the phone to the network socket on your PC. Otherwise just the connection from the LAN socket is all that is required.

If you haven’t got a POE switch you can purchase a mains power adapter separately. Please contact Comtek for assistance.

I don’t have anywhere to plug in my handset to the network?

Refer to your internal systems administrator for advice.

My handset is not turning on, there is no power to it?

IP handsets do not come with a Power Supply (integral or separate) as standard; they are powered through the network Ethernet cable via the PoE (Power over Ethernet) network feature. In order for PoE to be present to work, your network must provide this via a PoE data switch within your network.

If your network has not been provided by Comtek please refer to your network provider or IT administrator for further support.

I cannot make/receive calls from the handset – what should I do?

The IP handsets need to communicate with the Synergy platform in order to retrieve the necessary configuration files for your account. If your handset is not connecting, there could be something on your network blocking the handset reaching us. If your network has not been provided by Comtek please refer to your network provider or IT administrator for support in the first instance.

Will Synergy work on my existing Polycom handset?

If you intend to supply your own Polycom desk phone to work with Synergy and this phone has previously been managed and maintained by another supplier for you then it will not auto-register to Synergy until it has been fully disassociated from the other supplier’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) account. You will need to make arrangements to remove it from the other supplier’s ZTP account. Please note that we only support Polycom VVX handsets for provisioning.

When I restarted my handset, some notifications stopped?

If a Synergy subscriber using a Polycom VVX restarts their phone, their message waiting indicator for unchecked voicemails will continue flashing even after the restart as voicemails will not be deleted. However, the missed calls indicator and call log will be cleared. Missed calls will of course still be visible in the End User Portal.

Does changing presence to Do Not Disturb synchronise across all of my devices?

No. If you set your Polycom desk phone to Do Not Disturb this will not change your presence status within your desktop client.  This is because Do Not Disturb on your handset is a Polycom feature so it is not built to synchronise with your desktop client in this instance.