Accessing your Call Recordings

Call recording records all incoming and outgoing calls which will all be stored on your company’s Call Recording Portal. Allocated users have access to the portal where they can view their own/group recorded calls. Users with supervisor or administrator status have more control over the recordings.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is log into the call recording portal
  2. To log in you will need your Synergy user ID and call recording password. This will be provided with your Synergy subscription details sent to you in the welcome Email, but if you do not have these details, please contact your internal system administrator in the first instance. To log into the call recording portal, you will need to log in with the full username in the formal of [email protected]
  3. Please see the call recording user guide for further information

 Calls redirected to my mobile aren’t recorded

  • If a subscriber that is recorded, sets up a call forward/Sim ring to another phone number i.e. mobile, home phone, then the call is not on platform and so will not be recorded.
  • If a subscriber uses the call grabber feature to pull an active call from a desk phone, mobile app or softphone app to the mobile phone number, the call will not be recording.