999 procedures  

Can I make 999 calls using Synergy?

Emergency calling access is available with Synergy, but you won’t be able to make calls if local power is lost.

Synergy UC provides access to 999/112 public emergency call services to all customers within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, it is possible that the services may become unavailable as a result of factors over which we have no control, for example, failures of your internet service provider (ISP) or internet connection. In such circumstances all services (including 999/112 public emergency call services) will be unavailable.

Will the emergency services know my location when I’m using Synergy?

One of the great features of Synergy UC is that you can use your phone service practically anywhere with an internet connection, and you can also choose the area code which you present to your callers, independent of where you are located by purchasing a telephone number of choice.

However, this can also cause potential problems if you were to ever need to contact the emergency services for any reason. If you were to call from a traditional fixed line, the telephone number, and hence location address, can be picked up by the emergency services team. With Synergy, because you can move locations you may not necessarily be at the address registered to the service, or even located at the same area code that the 999 call is being dialled from.

When a call is made to the emergency services, the call will be flagged as a Voice over IP so has an ‘untrusted’ location. The caller will therefore be asked to confirm their address by the emergency services operator should they need assistance. In the event that the caller cannot clearly provide their location details, the emergency services operator will consult a national address database and look up the telephone number from which you have dialled.

Therefore, for every telephone number which you intend to make outbound calls from, you must provide us with a default location. This address will be added to the national database. If you do not provide us with a specific address we will input your main site address. This can be changed at any time by raising the request through our Customer Services or Technical Support teams.

It is important to think about users who work between locations. The UK national emergency services database cannot be changed dynamically based on user location. The address which we submit must be the address which the user is based at most often, therefore as part of your own company policy you should make end users aware of the address which will be presented should they make a 999 call.

It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date.

Making 999 calls from a Hot Desk phone

Where a Synergy Polycom VVX phone is configured for standard hot desking it cannot make or receive calls unless a subscriber is logged in or an Enhanced hot desking licence has been enabled.