Government To Target Phone Signal Blackspots

No Signal

After the four top network providers failed to reach a voluntary agreement to improve network coverage by eliminating blackspots, the UK government are now seeking stricter methods in order to force Vodaphone, EE, O2 and Three to comply.

The suggested legislation will force companies to introduce a network roaming service within the UK that allows a user to temporarily jump over to a different network if they are in a place where their provider has no available network. If introduced, these measures will eliminate the majority of blackspots in network coverage however will be of no help in areas with no coverage at all.

So far, a grant of £150million has been suggested to fund new masts in rural areas however no mention of extra charges to users have been mentioned as of yet. The UK government have been fighting to improve network coverage for some time now, previously using name and shame strategies for those failing to reach targets and rewarding those who make the extra efforts to improve their services, however this new law would be that final push to improve mobile phone network coverage indefinitely.

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