Google To Update Maps Capabilities And Features


Google Maps have announced new updates with navigation enhancements, better offline mapping and Uber integration, making this one of the biggest Google Map updates in a long time. The new update will make google maps similar to Yelp, a site which allows for people to find restaurants, bars and businesses in a local area. The new update makes the app much more useful for everyone – whether you’re traveling to work or searching for a place to eat.

One of the new features provides drivers with the ability to never miss a turn off or exit by telling drivers which lanes they need to be in, as well as providing alternative routes more easily for those days of heavy congestion or road works. Maps can now be saved and synchronised between devices to allow offline capabilities when on the road, reducing data charge costs.

As well as being able to browse restaurants, bars and other businesses, you will be able to explore inside via street view before you arrive, courtesy of the new interior viewer. A final addition to the software is improvements to transport directions, including the addition of over 1 million public transport stops with the ability to specify when you would like to depart, including finding the last train home. These features are to be released very soon.

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