Google To Jump On To The 3D Market

_75053375_75053370In March, Google released Project Tango – a 3D smartphone that uses infrared sensors to measure depth of surroundings. A prototype of the smartphone was given to 200 developers to test in order to bring 3D technology to Google’s handheld devices. It was designed to attempt to create a mobile device unlike any other, whilst sharing our sense of space and movement to understand and perceive the world in the same way we do.

Since the prototype release of Project Tango, a second 3D focussed product has been announced. A run of 4,000 3D imaging tablet devices are due to be manufactured next month, highlighting 2 rear facing cameras and advanced imaging software. Google have refused to comment on rumours or speculations, however it must be remembered that 3D devices are not new technology, although Google are said to be working towards using 3D technology for their mapping systems opposed to general functions.

The 3D tablet is to be released at an Annual Developers Conference in June, expecting for select developers and engineers to experiment with the technology before the launch. Due to lack of consumer interest over the past few years, the 3D market has been slow growing with little progress, however if Google were to push the further uses of 3D imaging in devices, it could just change the entire dynamics of the market. Whether Google will land at the top or bottom of the ladder, nobody knows, however additional emphasis on new features could potentially set the market rolling and finally increase the consumer interest enough to attract heavy competition.

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