Google Privacy Regulations Continue To Be Criticised By EU Privacy Regulators


A list of guidelines have been sent to Google from European Privacy Regulators, pinpointing different methods Google could use to keep within European laws and stay out of trouble with individual governments in regards to user privacy.

The 6 page documents known as “Article 29 Working Party” detailed many different improvements Google could make, such as making policies clearer, assuring users know what data is being collected, where it is used and even providing them with a dashboard to manage their privacy settings.

This isn’t the first time the EU have argued with Google about data collection, storage and usage. The last conflict was in 2012 when Google combined the personal information of users across different products and services, merging 60 privacy policies together in an attempt to make them easier to understand. As you can probably imagine, regulators didn’t see it that way, demanding changes be made.

It isn’t the first time this year that Google has had to follow demands from the EU, taking measures to conform with the “Right To Be Forgotten” ruling that was agreed by courts, however they still remain unhappy with Google’s decisions. Although it is for user privacy, we can’t really expect Google to be bullied by EU laws, but it is unknown whether they will continue to obey or take steps to retaliate.

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