Google Fibre Isn’t Going To Fix The UK’s Broadband Speeds 1

BT BroadbandAfter reports stated UK broadband not being fit for purpose, users were delighted after a report revealed discussions between Google and CityFibre – a company who specialise in constructing and operating fibre networks in the UK. Google Fibre appeared as a godsend for users in the US suffering little to no broadband access, however disappointment lies ahead for the UK after a statement rejecting any intention of bringing the services to the UK.

After questioning, a Google spokesperson clarified that no serious plans to expand to the UK were under decision, however did mention regular informal conversations with UK telecom companies meaning one day we may see a deal made, but for now we will be left waiting.

Although the UK desperately needs improvements making to it’s Wi-Fi services, at least there is competition between ISPs in order to make improvements, unlike the US where some areas contain little to no competition for improvements at all.

Broadband users of the UK will unfortunately have to wait patiently for improvements to be made… either that or move to the US.

For more details regarding UK broadband being unfit for purpose and improvements that are to be made, CLICK HERE

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