Free 4G With Your Tesco Mobile Plan? Yes Please 2

tesco mobileTesco Mobile are now offering 4G speeds to their Pay As You Go customers after automatically transferring user plans to the new speeds yesterday. Many of us want, or in some cases need this 4G connection although are unable to afford the premium prices however this concern has now been demolished. You can now get premium 4G speeds without paying even a penny extra on your plan.

Running off the O2 network, Tesco Mobile has already been offering 4G to contract customers for free but is now available to everyone, with plans ranging from 500mb up to 8GB a month holding at an identical price as the 3G plans. For those who don’t pay for data on their plans, the 4G service still remains available, charging at 10p per megabyte.

With 4G only being widely available for the past 2 years, Tesco are the first to push out the premium service to their users at no extra charge, placing them at the top of the list of network providers and in a league of their own ahead of competitors.

One conclusion can certainly be made from this; 4G has finally became affordable.

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2 thoughts on “Free 4G With Your Tesco Mobile Plan? Yes Please

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    The trouble with offering 4G to pay as you go customers is that with faster speeds you will consume more data and therefore end up spending far more on your pay as you go bill. Vodafone have done the same with me, they offered me super fast speeds on my phone but on a fairly limited data plan so I inevitably end up paying extra each month to cover the extra data.

    • comtek Post author

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes this is very true, however there have been many data-eating schemes developing recently, one being that of auto-play video ads. I’ve taken this blow myself, exceeding my data limit for the first time ever after the introduction to Facebook auto-play videos. I have since de-activated this.
      Have you yet heard about the EE PAYG £1 a week for 10 texts, 10 calls and 100mb of 4G data? For any form of general phone user, none of these would last 1 day, never mind 1 week