For The Second Time, Jamie Oliver’s Website Has A Virus 1

Jamie Oliver Website

Jamie Oliver’s website was first reported to have been hit by malware in the middle of February with the issue apparently resolved upon discovery, however reports are saying that a second virus has been found on the website less than a month after the original was discovered, with 2 separate security companies independently discovering the code. The website is now deemed safe to visit however forensic audits are being ran to find out more information.

Anyone visiting the site using Internet Explorer with out of date Java or Flash plugins would have been affected, with the malware being embedded in the main part of each webpage. The malicious code would then install a virus called Dorkbot.ED which then watches what a user does online and steals their login credentials, as well blocking security updates and using the machine as a proxy for other web attacks.
The site is accessed by about 10 million people per month, making it a goldmine for cyber-thieves due to its high traffic. The second infection discovered was similar to the first, with investigations on the go to discover any other potential compromises. Since the infection has returned for a second time, it is believed that either the infection was not completely removed or there is a vulnerability on the server or content management system.

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One thought on “For The Second Time, Jamie Oliver’s Website Has A Virus

  • Worli

    Visiting any website can be a dangerous gamble these days. No matter what you click on or what kind of anti-virus you have on your computer you run the real risk of getting infected. The results of these infections can be catastrophic system failure or a stolen identity, which is probably worse in the long run.