Find Your Missing Android Phone Using Google

HTC OneLosing your phone has always been one of the biggest panics, and for those of us who can be forgetful, a rather frustrating one. For Android users, losing your phone no longer needs to be a concern following a new service which allows users to find their phone through Google.

For anyone using a Google browser, losing your Android phone no longer has to be a problem regarding you are signed into your smartphone with the same login. By typing “find my phone” into the Google browser, you can locate your connected Android smartphone using an on screen map which is apparently accurate up to approximately 10 metres. The service is instant and even allows you to ring the phone if you’re nearby but can’t quite find it still, although if it’s on silent mode then you could have a bit of a problem.

For those desiring more advanced features, downloading Android Device Manager gives you the option of wiping the phone if it is in the hands of the wrong person or even if it is gone forever. If you’re an Android user, you never need to worry about third party device locating apps again, as Google is all you need.

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