Facebook Wants To Listen To Your Music… But Do Your Friends Really Want To Know?

_75025926_identifytvandmusicinstantly650Facebook has released a statement revealing their newest feature to be released in the next few weeks. After many company takeovers and advertising plots, Facebook are now due to release a feature that allows the application to listen to what you are doing, whether it be watching TV or playing music. The feature is then reported to identify the song or episode instantly then post it onto your timeline for your friends to see. There have been many privacy concerns about the new feature, however it has been said in a report that the feature can in fact be turned off and cannot identify conversations or background noise that there may be.

The new feature is focused at the 5 billion music and TV related status updates each year, however some users have neither interest nor faith in the new technology. None of the audio recorded will be stored to any servers or devices, however a 30 second preview of the song you are listening to will be available for your Facebook friends, or in case of TV series, the exact season and episode.

Despite being a new feature for Facebook, the technology is of old, originally developed by Shazam who have provided a very similar service since 2002, claiming 450 million users and a recent $3million investment from Sony.

Although not specifically designed to enhance Facebook advertising, the feature could be used to push adverts at users through their tracked listening habits. Facebook uses publicly posted information from users profiles to direct adverts that are relevant to each individual user, therefore advertising could in fact be enhanced as no privacy policies have been broken.

Despite Facebook wanting to listen to your music, will you Facebook friends really be interested in each individual song and TV episode you’re listening to? Debates about the popularity of Facebook was debated in February 2014, questioning if Facebook’s growth and fame would last another year, however could this be the final straw? We shall soon find out when the app is released in a few week.

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