Facebook To Extend Their Video Ads Further With LiveRail

fb_icon_325x325Earlier this year, Facebook began rolling out video ads across user newsfeeds after statistics highlighted a 93% increase in video ads in 2013 from the previous year, achieving over £1billion worth of mobile ads in the UK alone. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been dipping a toe into unknown waters with mobile ads for the past year, however Facebook are jumping straight in now after acquiring LiveRail.

LiveRail is a tech start-up company that allows for companies to place more relevant ads into the videos they place within their websites and apps. Ads are no longer about the number of people who view them but more about them reaching the correct people. LiveRail assists companies struggling with these complications, aiming to produce content that is both interesting and engaging in order to persuade a general viewer to take actions that turn them into a valued customer.

Online videos are expected to grow robustly over the coming years with online and mobile ads already becoming the first choice for businesses and developers in an attempt to increase marketing effectiveness. LiveRail already currently deliver more than 7billion video ads per month as it is, therefore Facebook could have made the right decision this time.

Facebook isn’t the only social networking site diving into mobile ads; Twitter has been investing into these since last year and only this past week announced an official release of mobile app ads globally. Due to the larger user interfaces, social networking sites really do have the upper hand when it comes to advertising due to the enormous potential reach of users, therefore it would be a great surprise if they didn’t take the biggest share of the market.

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