Facebook Success. How did they do it?


It has been reported that more people are connecting to the internet and social sites each day via their phone and tablets opposed to their desktop PC’s, however one company to take these statistic in their stride is Facebook. It has been reported that their mobile ads accounted for 59% of their advertising revenue in the first quarter of this year – that’s almost double the statistics to the year prior, however quite expected when over 1 billion people each month use Facebook on their mobile phones. But how did they do it? In March this year, an increase in mobile advertisements and auto-play videos covered our newsfeeds as a result of the new advertising methods of Facebook, resulting in constant ads playing on mute whilst we engage with the social site. Due to the current success of ads, Facebook are preparing to cover news feeds in even more auto-play video ads to attempt to increase the 72% increase in profit from the year prior.

However don’t be fooled, it’s not just Facebook’s advertisements that’s increasing profits. In February this year, Facebook extended their range by buying WhatsApp, the personal messaging smartphone application that allows for messages and images to be sent via an internet connection as a substitute to texting. The application has been available for 5 years, however in the two months of Facebook taking over, 50 million new users joined, increasing the overall users to that of half a billion and showing faster growth than that of Facebook. Current statistics show that 700 photos and 100million messages are being shared each day, however with the estimated growth, this is expected to increase daily, potentially to exceed that of the number of Facebook users.

As an addition to the WhatsApp application, it has been rumoured that a voice call feature may be added although it has not been confirmed yet. Facebook are also working on new features for their Facebook mobile application, releasing a ‘Nearby Friends’ add-on which allows for updates whenever another Facebook user is near your location to allow for Facebook users to meet up when they are on the going. The main question is, what will Facebook develop next, and will it’s current advertisement craze place it down the rabbit hole or up in the ladder of success.

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