Facebook Roll Out A List Of New Features

fb_iconOnly last week Facebook announced that it was starting a slow rollout to users allowing them to send cash payments to their friends via the Messenger app, however this week they have unveiled so many more features that will completely change your Facebook experience, including changes to the Facebook timeline and the Messenger app. So the question is, what’s new?



timehop 280x280One of the new releases is a completely new feature similar to the likes of Timehop, which allows you to access status updates, photos, posts from friends and other shared or tagged content from that same day years previously. This is a slow roll out feature, therefore is not available to everyone just yet, however can be access by clicking HERE. Only you can see the content and the option to share it with friends is completely up to you.


An enormous rollout has been made to the 600million user Messenger app, which caused quite a stir after users complained over the requirement of having to use multiple apps to be able to access all of their Facebook content on a mobile device. The newest update has opened up Facebook Messenger to 3rd party applications, allowing to add functions of their own. This update is the biggest change to the app since it was released as a lightweight app 4 years ago, transforming it into something of a fully-fledged app of its own.
messenger addons 280x280The new app update allows features to be added such as GIFs, stills from Imgur, CGA messages through Talking Tom, weather forecasts, e-cards from JibJab, audio from Sound Clip and lots more. Dilly is an example of one of the app add-ons, which allows users to turn their messages into popular songs by playing the words along in time to the beat of songs like Hallelujah.

line official accounts 280x280Another feature that has been mentioned is Business On Messenger, which is suggested that it will connect customers with businesses so that they can chat and exchange details regarding dispatch and delivery of products. This feature sounds similar to that already available on the messaging app Line which has features that connect users up with businesses and verified accounts.



spherical videoA new feature to be added to the Facebook timeline will allow spherical videos to be posted. Spherical videos are videos allowing a user to pan 360 degrees in almost any angle, meaning that the viewer can pan the video to see different parts of an event or environment that they desire.


Targeted video ads are also a mentioned new feature for businesses, following the acquisition of LiveRail last year which will allow ads to target their desired audience more effectively and be even more precise.

Despite all these new features, experts worry than these new features may in fact bloat the likes of the Facebook Messenger app, making it laggy and oversized due to content that is unnecessary or even unused.

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