Facebook Crack Down On Newsfeed Spam

FacebookAs many users will be aware, Facebook’s Newsfeeds have developed an increasing amount of spam involving clickbait: the nonsense links with intriguing headlines that tempt you to click on them but lead you to nonsense pages providing little to no content. In order to make Facebook spam free and maybe even that little bit popular, Facebook is now targeting this to attempt to increase user activity, engagement and conversation.

Posts telling you to “click to see more” or telling you that “you won’t believe this” will soon be disappearing from your Newsfeed after months and months of being bombarded by posts that obliterate posts from friends, family and the pages that you actually want to see. Research has shown that 80% of the time, users would prefer a page with a headline that helps them decide whether or not they want to read the entire article rather than leave it to chance and click on a page lacking content, therefore Facebook has created the perfect remedy to tackling this.

Due to how painfully popular clickbait is, Facebook has developed a method of displaying popular posts by monitoring the length of time a user remains on a page to view it’s content opposed to the general number of clicks the page may have. Links with a high click rate but low engagement rate will be wiped off our Newsfeeds, leaving space for the hidden, truly intriguing pages that are full of helpful content and details that leave a user hooked and wanting more.

So now that Facebook has finally taken the hint, it’s time to keep an eye out to see just how often the spammy posts will appear on our Newsfeeds, and in time see if it disappears completely or whether Facebook’s big words were missing the big actions that were promised to follow.

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