Facebook Apologise To LGBT Users Targeted By Real Name Policy

FacebookAfter refusing to change their policy which resulted in hundreds of LGBT users being blocked from the social network, Facebook released a statement apologising for the uncooperative response that was given. The policy stated that accounts must be under a user’s legal name, meaning the likes of performers and drag queens who use their stage names were being reported and blocked.

Despite this policy being in place to keep Facebook users protected, it has instead been used to unfairly target the LGBT community resulting in users turning their back on Facebook and saying hello to Ello. The apology was aimed at everyone who had wrongfully been affected by the allegations, claiming that it was in no way aimed at the LGBT community and that they were unaware of the targeting due to the huge quantity of requests they receive each week. It was later identified that all the LGBT users were reported by one singular account.

Facebook still hasn’t backed down from it’s real name policy however have admitted that a mechanism need be put in place to evaluate individual case, stating that a solution is now “in the works”. The policy now does not require a user to enter their legal name as such, but insists that an authentic name they identify to in real life should be used.

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