Facebook Adding Satire Tags To Sarcastic Posts

FacebookSatire, “the use of humour, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticise people’s stupidity in relation to a topic”, is used by many however is greatly misunderstood by the few, resulting in that odd individual who may flounce in response. In an attempt to keep the minority happy, Facebook are now testing a method in order to aid the angered minority and provide a solution to posts that some people just don’t understand.

In an attempt to keep tempers low and activity high, Facebook has introduced a tag that appears in front of links posted on the news feed of websites which are renowned for posting satire content, such as The Onion which solely uploads sarcastic and offensive material to entertain it’s users. This tag contains the word ‘satire’ in brackets in front of the link, informing oblivious users of the post’s nature.

The satire tag is only currently being tested therefore we won’t be seeing it rolled out across all user newsfeeds, however if successful, will we be seeing this on all risky posts or will Facebook scrap it altogether? Users are already unamused by the barrier that has prevented posts from fulfilling their purpose, although it is unknown whether the majority will this time win the vote.

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