Encryption Added To Microsoft Webmail Services

outlookMicrosoft have finally switched on new webmail encryption tools in order to make it more difficult for personal emails to be accessed by cybercriminals and government snoops. These encryptions have been added to outlook.com and all of Microsoft’s other mail domains such as Hotmail.

The TLS (transport layer security) encryption integration made an appearance 6 months after an attempted security overhaul of the service and only 1 week after a statement released by Google which criticised Microsoft’s security.

The report released by Google showed that over 50% of the emails sent from Microsoft’s systems contained no encryption at all, meaning a cybercriminal attempting to gain access could access and read all of your emails before they had even reached you. Individuals may think that it doesn’t matter to them due to the lack of emails they send or receive, all being of no importance, however to companies using these services, leaked information could be critical!

At least now Microsoft can say that the back doors to their webmail services have been removed and that their customers should theoretically have full email security.

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