EE, O2, Three & Vodaphone: Which Service Is Better?

threeInteresting finding have been discovered by Ofcom after research into the quality of calls in urban and rural areas across the UK has been released, discovering that in line with EE’s mass boasting, they are in fact the best of the 4 big name providers in regards to call quality.

Results uncovered that 97% of calls across the EE network in rural and urban areas connected successfully, closely followed by O2 with 95.3% who showed a noticeable drop in quality in rural areas. Three was not far behind with their results, although Vodaphone bottomed the results table with only 92.6% of calls connecting successfully.

Each of these big name companies are currently rumoured to be working with Ofcom according to Watchdog in order to attempt to create a common standard for measuring quality across networks. Standards are already being met with each of the mobile networks exceeding the 90% coverage obligation for 3G, however the bar is now being raised and targets being set in order to match and exceed O2’s 98% 4G coverage obligation.

There have been many a complaint and concern as to signal and 3G provided by mobile networks, however we could expect to see mass improvements as new standards are set to create the best networks the UK has seen.

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