EE Denies Hiding Online Complaints

EEMobile service provider EE has recently been criticised for covering up customer complaints in order to maintain a good image by channelling complaints into private chats to prevent the issues from being visible to the public. Despite these allegations, EE has denied it all, claiming private chat windows are only used when personal information from a user is required.

Great examples of the accusations made are posted al across Facebook and Twitter, where a simple question or general complaint is requested to become a private message or chat window in order to prevent any complaints, arguments or poor customer service from spilling across the web and giving the company bad press.

EE have recently been soaking up the glory of holding the best stats in the UK for connectivity, however personal experience has proved that the company’s customer service and procedures are abysmal and non-existent in comparison to competitors. Although the majority of EE’s customers are already aware of this, the company remain to dispose of negative comments, responses or issues which may degrade the company’s name.

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