Dstrux: Watch Your Files Self-Destruct


Dstrux is the new file share app that allows users to share their files online whilst controlling their digital footprint. The app allows users to create a time limit for viewing files, deleting them forever once the limit specified is reached, inspired by the regular regret of many who post files online for them then to be shared and spread unwillingly. Dstrux gives a user TOTAL control, controlling and tracking your digital belongings through the web.

Dstrux may have a very basic user interface but it follows 5 very strict rules!

Rule 1
Anything shared cannot be printed, copied, saved or print-screened by any user!

Rule 2
The self-destruct timer allows you to set a fully customisable time limit on how long recipients can view what you share, placing YOU in full control.

Rule 3
You will always be able to see who has viewed the files if they have been shared across the network, with the time limit remaining valid for those that received the shared file too.

Rule 4
You can edit the post destruction time as it suits you, including the ability to destruct it immediately at the click of a button, preventing details from spreading any further than they need to.

Rule 5
Guaranteed zero digital footprint thanks to files receiving full encryption and being shredded, erased and overwritten instantly.

The vision of the company is to “Give everyone grand power over their digital footprint”, with planned social media tools to be released over the following months. Dstrux currently exists as a computer and mobile app.

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