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DropboxDropbox for business is an essential for any SMB that relies on technology on a daily basis. Stats show that 53% of business workers use 3 or more devices, where as 37% of employees work from multiple locations and a further 65% of employees work with people outside of the company.

These statistics identify 3 main points of focus for business: use of multiple devices, ability to work anywhere and the ability to collaborate with people in and outside of a business. Existing products don’t support these needs, as content is locked to individual devices, whilst being expensive to maintain and difficult to share collaboratively.

Dropbox targets these needs and makes pain points into affordable, viable options.

Supporting any file in any format and being compatible on desktop, mobile and web with administrative tools to help control the distribution of the business files, Dropbox For Business is not only an ideal candidate, but in fact the perfect one.


Security is of no concern with Dropbox For Business, with strong encryption to anonymise stored data, single sign on for account authentication and two-step verification to provide additional account protection.

Administrative Tools

The administrative tools give IT admins extensive auditing to track what is being shared whilst sharing remains simple and safe. Upon the occasion a device is lost or stolen, Dropbox For Business allows you to remotely wipe this information to assure it remains secure.

Time & Money

Dropbox For Business is neither time nor money draining with simplicity of use and device management with unlimited file recovery. This reduces the strain on any IT department due to users being able to resolve their own issues without wasting IT department time. With Dropbox For Business charging by user rather than space used, this removes concerns over limited storage space.

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