Disappointment Towards Amazon’s Release Of Prime Music

gyrhdAmazon have recently released Prime Music – a music streaming service that allows subscribed Amazon Prime users to stream from an online music catalog without any ads or playback restrictions. The new service is completely free to those paying for their Prime subscription and is currently only available in the US however is expected to enter the UK market once improvements have been made.

Many users were very keen to get their hands on Prime Music, however disappointment has spread across users, claiming the service barely compares to other music streaming services and holds low standards compared to competitors such as Spotify.

Prime Music focuses on a central library which is a collection between songs available to stream and your own music libraries. The app has a quite clear, attractive appearance and is available on Apple, Google Android, PCs and Macs.

The Prime Music catalog contains a meager 1 million songs, missing numerous artists such as the likes of Katy Perry. Despite this number seeming excessively large, this is barely anything compared to the 20 million average that competitors have, or the 30 million songs that competitor Deezer has to offer. Despite appearing as incompetence on Amazon’s side, there is actually a genuine reason for the limited catalog it offers. Earlier this year, Amazon failed to reach licensing agreements with the world’s biggest record company Universal, restricting the tracks that they could offer for streaming. Agreements were made with Warner Music and Sony, however there remain to be disputes regarding pricing.

Despite this bonus to Prime users, Prime Music is being criticized as being a novelty application and is believed it will never replace competitors unless drastic changes are made, although for heavy music users, Prime Music will always be a no go.

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