Comtek WiMax Broadband To Be Turned Off: Alternatives Available

A difficult decision has been made to turn off our existing Digital Teesdale WiMax service that provides internet connection for homes and businesses in rural areas. For many customers, there are no other alternatives available, therefore Comtek are happy to announce a new available alternative which will be far more reliable than the existing service. The service will terminate approximately March 14th 2015.

Why will the network be switched off?

The network was originally funded by Durham County Council however now operates on a license based frequency. Due to an increase in license costs, the network became commercially unviable. Durham County Council are unable to fund the service again due to a contract with BT therefore are unable to make any funding until BT declares the areas its service does not reach, which could be as late as 2018.

What is the alternative?

ITS have already made financial investments into the new service, however requires a minimum of 50 residents to sign up to the services before they can continue any further forward. The new service will offer a 20Mbps (maximum) connection, with property surveys available to help identify your expected speed better.

The Fixed Wireless Access will be available on the following tariffs:

Package Maximum
Connection Fee £ One Off Term Monthly Fee by DD or SO
1 20 Mbps £575.00 12 Months £39.99
2 20 Mbps £475.00 24 Months £34.99
3 20 Mbps £375.00 36 Months £29.99

What can I do to help?

We are in the process of signing up a minimum of 50 customers for the new service to go ahead, therefore sharing the news with your friends, family and neighbours would really help push forward the service and get a reliable broadband service for rural areas in motion. Follow our countdown below to see our progress.

To sign up for the new service, click here: Digital Teesdale Wireless Broadband Sign Up To Service Form

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more customers needed to sign up.


Please note, a second alternative is Satellite Broadband which we can provide. For more information, contact us on 01388 567120 or email

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