Comtek and AirTight Networks

AIRTIGHTComtek are proud to become one of AirTight’s Platinum Partners after 4 employees completed and passed their AirTight engineers training and certification. For those who don’t know what AirTight is, it’s a company that provides secure wireless protection using WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) in order to protect from wireless misuse and intrusions. They are the most innovative and flexible provider today and have over 25 US and international patents, being claimed as “the industry’s top ranked and truly automated system.”

More About WIPS…
WIPS was developed in 2002 after Wi-Fi became a more popular choice of connection. This system detects all types of wireless threats by precisely blocking any Wi-Fi misuse without interfering with legitimate connections and eliminating false alarms. It allows for detection and the location of threatening device, allowing for the device in question to be removed. It is used globally across retail, hospitality, finance, government, education and healthcare and is still today expanding across many other sectors in order to provide the only secure wireless connections today.

AirTight are also the only company to provide PCI Compliance checks automatically on a regular basis by sending reports via email at regular intervals as opposed to the traditional method of employing someone or a company to manually visit the site at regular intervals over periods of time. This allows for maximum security and peace of mind as checks could be done more frequently and reduces the total cost of ownership.

You may be wondering what the benefits are to your company for using AirTight, however the potential benefits are endless. Just a few of these include cost effective protection, web based management for any device, integration with social networks for companies providing guest wireless, accuracy in distinguishing threats and network and data protection.
For further information on AirTight please contact us on +44 1388 567120

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