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Today at Comtek we are celebrating 22 years of business.

As the company has grown and transformed over the last 22 years, so has technology as we know it!

To celebrate this, we have created a timeline covering 22 years of change in IT.



Starting from the beginning:

1992: IBM introduced the industry’s first ThinkPad notebook, boasting a 10.4” colour display.

1993: NVIDIA, leading GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturer, was founded.

1994: Yahoo! was founded

1995: The very first Wikipedia page was made. There are now approximately 34,123,847

1996: Adobe Photoshop 4.0 was released. The current most up to date version is version 15.0

1997: YahooMail was first introduced. There are now over 281million users of this service, available in 27 different languages.

1998: Google Hired, Craig Silverstein, it’s first employee. There are now 55,030 employees as of the third quarter of 2014.

1999: The fastest spreading virus in history known as the Melissa virus infects computers across the globe, estimating $80million in damages.

2000: Google indexes over 1 billion pages, earning it’s spot as the internet’s largest search engine.

2001: Support for Windows 95 is cut with the release of Windows XP closely following. Windows XP had its support cut earlier this year however is still used by 30% of computers across the globe.

2002: PayPal is acquired by eBay. Earlier this year, eBay announced that it will split off as a separate company to PayPal.

2003: The very first computer is infected with a spybot worm. There are estimated to be thousands of different versions of this worm to date.

2004: The Firefox browser is first introduced. This is the second most used browser with 24% of computers running it.

2005: This important year not only highlighted the launch of Google Maps and the upload of the very first YouTube video, but also boasted the release of the very first quad-core processor by AMD and Intel.

2006: Skype reached over 100million registered users. To date, there are over 560million people who have used Skype.

2007: The very first iPhone was released, closely followed by the first jailbreak method.

2008: T Mobile’s G1 HTC Dream phone was the first device to run on the Android operating system. The very first i7 processor was also released.

2009: Bitcoin was very first introduced.

2010: The very first iPad was released. The iPad now comes in many different forms, such as the iPad mini and is capable of connecting to the internet via cellular data.

2011: Google+ was released as being invite only. Today there are now over 540million active Google+ users

2012: YouTube broke the internet record for concurrent live viewers on a video, reaching over 8million.

2013: The Trojan virus CryptoLocker was discovered, which spread across computers by attaching itself to the files linked to an email. The Trojan then encrypted user files.

2014: This year we have seen the rise of the Heartbleed Bug and the Shellshock BASH bug spread across our computers. European courts ruled Google the task of allowing individuals to be “forgotten” across the net and the first beta of Windows 10 became available for download.

2015 – 2036: What will we see over the next 22 years? Our guess is that in the immediate future, wearable tech like Google Glass and Apple Watch will gain momentum, while thinner lighter and foldable technology will migrate the smartphone and tablet into one easy to carry, easy to use device.  Ultimately we will see technology such as smart contact lens and smart skin replace Google Glass and smart watches.

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