Complaint Filed Against GCHQ For Privacy Hacking

article-2520707-07018650000005DC-405_634x422The GCHQ, or Government Communication Headquarters, have had a 30 page legal complaint filed against them for unlawful hacking in order to help surveillance efforts. Millions of devices have been affected by the UK Intelligence Service in order to spy on citizens and scoop up personal data. No comment has been made by the GCHQ so far on the legal complaint.

An international privacy pressure group have reported that the released document described many ways in which the GCHQ were spying on people, including the allowance of agencies to listen in via microphones, collect imagery via webcams and scoop up sensitive data via browsing histories.

If the complaints filed are to be true, the GCHQ will have violated the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees a right to privacy and freedom of expression. It has been described that the measures used were the equivalent to the government entering someone’s house and reading their diary using complete real time physical and electronic surveillance.

The full offense has been described as an unrestrained, unregulated act of government spying, however the names of those affected and involved are currently unknown.

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