BT Warn Over Cyber Attacks

Cyber AttackDDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have became increasingly more common over the years however less than 1 in 10 businesses strongly believe they have the resources in place to counteract an attack. Only 49% of UK organisations have a response plan in place however only 36% of organisations see these attacks as a key concern despite 41% suffering a DDoS attack in the past year.

Out of the 41% of organisations attacked by DDoS attacks in the last year, three quarters of these were attacked more than once, suggesting serious concern, although the global concerns are double that in the UK despite noticeable increases in security threats.

DDos attacks cause major disruption across an organisation by affecting the website, databases and networks and bringing them to a halt, resulting in lost time, money and additional concerns for a business. These attacks are becoming more effective at breaching security systems making them much more difficult to prevent, however many organisations are still without plans for when things go wrong, diminishing their reputation, revenue and customer confidence.

In the case of these attacks many companies go into crisis mode, however others suffer even worse such as e-commerce sites which prevents customers from making any purchases. Companies have only 2 real decisions to decide from when it comes to cyber security; Pay out for the guaranteed safety, or assure the plans they have in place are suitable to prevent lost time and money.

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