Bolt: A New Snapchat Rival Or An Instagram Hoax?

Bolt has in fact been launched despite questions over the genuine nature of advert banners pushed towards users. The app is currently only available in Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa, however we can expect to see this soon internationally.



It has been reported by Instagram Android users that a banner advertising a “one tap photo messaging” app called Bolt has been appearing at the top of their screens, however the ad does not actually take you to the Google Play store for your free download as it claims. In fact, the link doesn’t take you anywhere at all except for a dead page on the Google Play Store.

No-one has reported testing this app at all, leading many individuals and tech pages alike to believe that there is no forthcoming app at all and that it is merely a hoax or a stand in ad during the development of Facebook’s mobile ads that were released this year. The banner in question disappeared after 15 minutes of a user seeing it however other users continued to report seeing it upon their timeline.

This situation may bring déjà vu to many readers regarding the Slingshot app that Facebook released just a month ago as a competitor towards Snapchat following a rejected buyout offer. A very similar situation occurred after the Slingshot app was posted onto the iTunes store before it was actually available for download, causing mass gossip, rumours and anticipation until it was finally released. If Facebook are using the same tactics again through Instagram, we could be expecting the bolt app any time over the next few days, weeks or months. The question is though, will it be a worthy competitor or another rubbish knockoff like Slingshot?

Since no-one actually knows if this app is genuine or when the release date will be if it is, curious Android users are just going to have to wait patiently to see if they can get a glimpse of the mysterious banner and keep an eye out for if the app does in fact make an appearance on the app store.

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