Be Prepared To Say Goodbye To Some Of Your Favourite Bands On YouTube

youtubeBands such as Radiohead, Adele and Arctic Monkeys could be deleted and blocked from YouTube after many independent labels refused agreement terms with the site during a contract negotiation for the soon to be music subscription service. Could we be saying goodbye to some of our favorite acts?

Videos could be blocked within a matter of days if a new license is not negotiated, however larger labels such as Universal, Sony and Warner have all confirmed an agreement. Many independent labels are holding out from the agreement and for good reason too. YouTube are offering small firms unreasonable deals, attempting to force them in to a low paid contract with their “agree or be blocked” attitude.

Many independent labels are claiming YouTube is misreading the market and are making a big mistake to demolish firms that disagree, attempting to push the site into understanding the importance of independent music despite the little respect YouTube is giving.

The BPI are an organisation who represent British record companies including Universal, Sony and Warner who have already came to an agreement, however state themselves that the deals offered to all of the signing companies were unreasonable and should never have been placed in a situation where they are threatened to be disposed of. The BPI confirm the importance of independent labels, highlighting the fact that the options YouTube has offered denies fans the ability to hear a musician’s music and prevents the musicians from making a living out of what they do.

Some independents have started to appeal to the European commission for help to defend their rights against YouTube and press for better contracts to be negotiated, however all failing, many of your favorite acts could disappear completely.

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