BBC iPlayer Extends Catch-up To 30 Days

BBC iPlayer

It was initially suggested 1 year ago that the time BBC iPlayer catch-up was extended, being confirmed this April that changes would in fact be made. The day has finally arrived where you can watch your favourite TV and radio programmes for 30 days after they have been aired.

Thanks to the extended viewing time and the ability to download programmes to watch for up to 30 days after downloading, you essentially have a 60 day time slot to view it in if you download the episode on the 30th day of it being available. This is a significant upgrade to the service considering the majority of content was previously available for 7 days with only a few exceptions, however a high demand resulted in users continuing to search for programmes after the 7 day cut-off.

The update has arrived just in time for the autumn schedule which is well known for being the most popular time of the year for BBC iPlayer. In 2013, a record of 3 billion requests were made however this year is looking to exceed those figures, with the third season of ‘Sherlock’ proving the most popular this year so far with 3,643,900 requests. Last year’s most popular show was ‘Top Gear,’ however ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘The Fall’ are expected to be successful this year.

Of all the things announced back in April, the one thing left to wait for is BBC Store – the service allowing programmes to be bought, downloaded and kept permanently. Upon release, this will change user experience completely, although those not wanting to pay for their programmes will still have a bargain with the 30 day catch-up period.

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