Attempts To Restrict Children’s Access To The Web? Welcome To Kudoso Family Router

downloadThere has always been concerns placed upon the impact of children and teens regarding exposure to technological devices and online website content, however parents seem to always be stuck with the dilemma of saying no and having great tears, or allowing them to do as they please with the risk of accessing malicious content. Kudoso are currently working on a family router which resolves all of these problems with one simple device

The family router being produced allows for internet access upon the completion of household chores, earning the user a currency upon completion of each task. The currency can then be spent on time accessing approved websites, where some websites cost more than others such as the same amount of currency allowing 30 minutes of access to educational sites compared to 10 minutes of social networking. The developers are wanting to add fitness apps into the family router in an attempt to praise children that do regular exercise.

As you may well believe, there is extreme criticism towards the Kudoso family router, declaring it unnecessary, over the top and a last resort for parents who just can’t say no. It is argued that strict but fair rules should be put in place for children regarding access and usage of technology and the internet, whereas others argue the internet should be blocked off completely.

Over the top? Definitely. It sounds more like setting up a computer programme than having authority over web access, however it’s not just children we need to worry about. Parents should monitor their usage just as much, especially since they will be the role model their child grows up to follow.

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