Are You Aware Of Just How Harmful ‘Good’ Business Practices Could Be To Your IT Systems? 1

A red and yellow alarm ringing signWhen you’re in business today, there’s a considerable amount of information to take in.  Numerous different points that need to be considered.  Various recommendations made by professionals that seem like necessities.

Generally speaking, when we can see how they can have a positive effect in some way, we tend to embrace them.  We’ll research them a little, find out a bit about how they work and then look to implement them so they can have the desired impact.

And in many ways, this is great.  Chances are you’ll start to see some fantastic benefits and your business will grow and develop because of it.

However, there is a slightly darker side to such processes and one that not many people consider at the start, which is the fact that what can seem like a perfectly fine process to implement – and one that will have a hugely positive effect in some way – could actually turn out to be harmful to your IT systems.

A prime example is the rising popularity of apps.  They can undoubtedly have a majorly positive impact on business, especially as we’re moving into a mobile-centric world, but they also bring with them a number of security risks if they’re not developed and implemented in the most effective way possible.

Cyberoam, a global network security appliances company, talked about this in-depth recently and have actually released a product to help combat various different issues that are arising due to the increased adoption of mobile applications.

And this really is just one example.  The truth is most business processes today that can have a particularly positive impact in one way could leave you open to security issues in another.

The good news is, it’s often relatively straightforward to be able to prevent (or greatly reduce the risk of) anything negative happening – you simply have to ensure you don’t rush into developing and adopting anything based on only a minimal amount of knowledge.

At Comtek, when we’re looking to implement a new resource for a client – such as a small business server Newcastle – we’ve already got a vast amount of knowledge and understand just what needs to be done to ensure any potential security issues are kept to an absolute minimum.

Yet we still research as much as we need to for every client.  We don’t just assume that our knowledge is up-to-date, as we know things can change daily – hourly, sometimes – in our industry and we always want to be certain that whatever we’re implementing is going to be as beneficial as it can be in every sense.

As a company experienced in all aspects of IT support Newcastle, we always try to explain the importance of IT security and there’s one simple reason why – in today’s day and age where we’re all using computers and the internet more than ever, every single one of us – individuals and organisations alike – need to feel completely confident that our data is safe and protected at all times.

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