Are Flexible Touchscreen Displays ‘Just Around The Corner’?

TabletFlexible touchscreen displays became a great new challenge back in 2013 when Samsung revealed a prototype which inspired and intrigued tech designers who were searching for a new niche in the ever-expanding market. To date, these displays have been solely myth and prototype due to the inability to remain durable for mass production, however this could all soon change courtesy of new manufacturing equipment by a start-up firm Kateeva who intend on shipping the machines worldwide.

To create a flexi-display, organic LED’s (OLEDs) need to be used however they hold significant requirements in order to work properly, such as the need to be protected from any oxygen and water vapour due to only a few molecules being capable of damaging the screen. Kateeva’s equipment assists in the production of these screens by tightly sealing them using its room-sized inkjet printer to apply a protective coating to the OLEDs in order to complete the job faster and cut manufacturing costs in half.

We are still unable to purchase these flexi-touchscreens however many believe it is ‘just around the corner’ and that we may see these screens on new gadgets very soon.

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